Young Authors’ Contest Award Winners Announced

Salisbury, Md. – The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop the Eastern Shore Literacy Association holding its annual Young Authors’ Contest. The annual contest continues to be the premiere writing opportunity for young writers in the Shore’s lower three counties, which encompasses entries from public, private, and homeschooled students.

“We were extremely satisfied with the high number of entries turned in even though many students were not in face-to-face school settings this fall,” Dr. Brian Cook, ESLA Young Authors’ Contest Co-Chair, stated in a release. He indicated the contest was comprised of students in grades 1-12 and two categories, poetry and short story, available in each of those grade levels. “Anytime you can highlight a child who is working and challenging themselves to improve their writing is a huge win.”

Local winners included the following students:

  • Grade 1, Poetry – (1) Charlize Nayla Damouni, Worcester Preparatory; (2) Juniper Negrete, Ocean City Elementary.
  • Grade 1, Short Story – (1) Connor Davidson, The Salisbury School; (2) Isabella Brueckner, Worcester Preparatory; (3) Brayden Wood, The Salisbury School.
  • Grade 2, Poetry – (1) Serena Jaoude, Worcester Preparatory.
  • Grade 2, Short Story – (1) Ella Goebel, Ananya Patel; (2) Ananya Patel, The Salisbury School; (3) Madelyn A. Bobenko, Worcester Preparatory.
  • Grade 3, Poetry – (1) Lea Jaoude, Worcester Preparatory; (2) Samantha G. Martinenza, North Salisbury Elementary; (3) Arden Catron, Homeschool.
  • Grade 3, Short Story – (1) Jeremy Quan, North Salisbury Elementary; (2) Grace Wheately, Deal Island Elementary; (3) Reese Bradford, Glen Avenue Elementary.
  • Grade 4, Poetry – (1) Adam Burgman, The Salisbury School; (2) Lily Gilchrist, The Salisbury School; (3) Ari Cline, The Salisbury School.
  • Grade 4, Short Story – (1) Addison Gibbs, The Salisbury School; (2) Brynlee Waters, Ocean City Elementary; (3) Elias Baldridge, Ocean City Elementary.
  • Grade 5, Poetry – (1) Ewan Catron, Homeschool; (2) Nathan LesCallet, Deal Island Elementary; (3) Ellie Phillips, Worcester Preparatory.
  • Grade 5, Short Story – (1) Ryan Shipp, Worcester Preparatory; (2) Monica Yonker,Deal Island Elementary; (3) Rani Yonker, Worcester Preparatory.
  • Grade 6, Poetry – (1) Macy Rae Miles, Somerset Intermediate; (2) Gabriella Damouni, Worcester Preparatory.
  • Grade 6, Short Story – (1) Chloe Gilchrist, The Salisbury School; (2-tie) Ruby Manos, Berlin Intermediate; (2-tie) Mia Jaoude, Worcester Preparatory; (3) Charlotte Malone, Salisbury Middle.
  • Grade 7, Poetry – (1) Adelaide Hope Dawkins, Stephen Decatur Middle; (2-tie) Abigail Saulitis, Salisbury Middle; (2-tie) Savvy Aralyn Wertz, Snow Hill Middle; (3) Marina Farlow, Stephen Decatur Middle.
  • Grade 7, Short Story – (1) Savvy Aralyn Wertz, Snow Hill Middle; (2) Allie Suarezapecheche, Snow Hill Middle; (3) Jude Roger Damouni, Worcester Preparatory.
  • Grade 8, Poetry – (1) Johanna Hallman, Stephen Decatur Middle; (2) Jessica Thomas, Bennett Middle; (3-tie) Alana Duffy, Bennett Middle; (3-tie) Ziann Franklin, Pocomoke Middle.
  • Grade 8, Short Story – (1) Brooke Berquist, Stephen Decatur Middle; (2) Landon Schul, Worcester Preparatory; (3) Carter Sollars, Bennett Middle.
  • Grade 9, Poetry – (1) Daniela Carrasco, Stephen Decatur High; (2) Sara Freih, Worcester Preparatory; (3-tie) Madilyn Nechay, Worcester Preparatory; (3-tie) Fiora Hogan, The Salisbury School.
  • Grade 9, Short Story – (1) Sloane Gould, Snow Hill High; (2) Logan Oluvic, Salisbury Christian; (3-tie) Mariah Robertson, The Salisbury School; (3-tie) Hannah Bree Campbell, Stephen Decatur High.
  • Grade 10, Poetry – (1) Emily Garlock, James M. Bennett High; (2) Brendon Dunne, Snow Hill High; (3) Anahi Enriquez-Moreno, Pocomoke High.
  • Grade 10, Short Story – (1) Henna Parmar, James M. Bennett High; (2) Merin Thomas, James M. Bennett High; (3) Breanne Ferguson, Stephen Decatur High.
  • Grade 11, Poetry – (1) Maya Matava, James M. Bennett High; (2); Cristina Avanessian, James M. Bennett High; (3) Lillee Covington, Snow Hill High.
  • Grade 11, Short Story – (1) Jake Gillespie, Stephen Decatur High; (2) Rosy Gao, James M. Bennett High; (3-tie) Shannon Cottingham, Mardela Middle & High; (3-tie) Katie Mitchell, James M. Bennett High.
  • Grade 12, Poetry – (1) Lanie Gladding, Pocomoke High; (2) Sophia Smith, Jame M. Bennett High; (3) Lydia Woodley, Stephen Decatur High.
  • Grade 12, Short Story – (1) Lydia Woodley, Stephen Decatur High.

The top winners in each grade level and category are now forwarded onto the state level competition hosted by the State of Maryland Literacy Association.


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